About Us:

Born on January 24th, 2008, "My House for Coffee!" is our attempt to make  the finest, freshest coffees available to old friends and friends we haven't met yet.

This all started as an experiment. We'd heard that freshly roasted coffee tastes different from the stuff we were getting at the grocery store, and even the "good" stuff we got through the drive-up window. So, we bought a small roaster and tried it ourselves.

Suffice it to say, our spending on "drive up coffee" has declined considerably. There really is a difference!

We gave coffee to our friends and family as gifts, and the reviews were (nearly) always along the line of "can we get that for Christmas next year?" (Honesty requires that word "nearly" be included. It was a learning process. ;-> ) After lots of trial and error we feel that we can produce a consistent, delicious product and decided to make it available to the general public.

We'll try to stock a variety of coffees that represent the most typical choices desired. Everybody's preferences are unique, and it's so tough to pick a favorite without actually experiencing the different origins that the only practical way to figure out which coffees are the best for you is to try different ones. To help save on shipping we have sample packs available to help you try a wide array of origins or to keep a good variety on hand. Open one, freeze the rest.

This isn't our regular job. We don't need to make a huge income from this project to survive. It's a pleasant hobby (roasting coffee requires turning off the droning television and paying attention to what you're doing) that we hope to turn into a retirement business "some day". As a result, even though our volume is expected to be low, we can offer fine coffees from around the world at prices that are very competitive. And, as a bonus, as long as we're "small" we can roast to order so you're assured of receiving your coffee when it's at the peak of it's flavor.

We'll collect orders through the week, normally closing the week out on Saturday, roast on Sunday, and ship on Monday. Your coffee will arrive with a roasted on date affixed to the one-way valve bag, so you can taste what we tasted when we first started our "hobby". Try it once, and if you don't agree it's a change from what you're used to, never order again. You're out about 15 bucks, not much more than you'd pay in a store, and you still have a pound of coffee. We're betting most who try it will be repeat customers because, like us, you'll agree that "drive up coffee" just doesn't taste the same, any more.