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If you're used to getting your coffee in a can at the grocery store you probably don't understand how freshly roasted, freshly ground coffe can be described as "sweet". As long as we're new (and small) we'll be roasting to order every weekend and shipping the following Monday so you'll have the freshest roast we can make available to you. FOR FRESHNESS WE PREFER TO SHIP ONLY WHOLE (UNGROUND) BEANS in one-way valve bags. However, we understand that some folks just don't want the hassle of grinding their own, so if you add a note requesting ground coffee when you place your order, we'll grind it for you. See for yourself what freshly roasted coffee tastes like. One word of fair warning: Once you taste our coffee, supplied with a "roasted on" date to ensure you get the freshest roast possible, you may never feel the same way about "drive up coffee".

Whole been coffee is freshest up to 3 weeks after roasting, but as a rule of thumb (it can vary a little by variety) coffee is best consumed 4 hours to 4 days after roasting. From 4 to 10 days it starts to deteriorate in taste, a bit, so if you buy in quantity we recommend you freeze (no self defrosting freezers, please) or refrigerate your coffee as soon as you receive it to lock it in to the freshest state possible. Freezing isn't a problem. "Freeze thaw cycles" is a problem, so avoid the thawing and re-freezing that happens in a "frost free" freezer, if you can.

Please note: Our default shipping method (table rate) is USPS priority flat rate box. The cost is $10.35 for up to 6 lbs. It may be significantly less expensive to use other shipping methods, especially for smaller (2 or 3 pound) orders. You will not be able to check other shipping rates until you are logged into your account. (Helpful Hint: For lowest shipping costs use "table rate" and order in 6-lb multiples. Six pounds at $10.35 = $1.73/lb for shipping!)

We use solar (photovoltaic) power for roasting and we'll be donating 5 cents to Coffee Kids and 5 cents to The World Wildlife Fund for every pound of coffee purchased.

For price comparison, 1lb =16oz, so; $10.00/1lb = $7.50/12oz = $5.00/8oz (1/2 lb.)

As of 12/27/2010 we no longer accept Visa or Mastercard. PayPal is the only available payment method.

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